inktober 09

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you make me feel

like your fingers are peeling open my mind

turning it inside out

forcing my nails across a chalkboard

leaving white trails

a warning

a taste

of everything that is to come.


your hands
are wrinkled
and tired
and calloused
more so with every touch
almost as if
your youth
was dissolving
into me
like a happy pill
in water
its own existence
while giving away
what little it had.

The world is not so nice after all.

It has been two days since I found out about the attack in Nice, about how the monster mowed down so many people, and shattered a thousand hearts in just one night. Over 80 people dead, 202 injured. The attack has left the world reeling in shock.

It raised a question – in fact, it raised several important questions. While the world worried for the victims and pondered on how to get back at those terrorists, I wondered why is it so hard for the world to live peacefully? What drives people to do these inhumane acts? Because nothing – NOTHING – can be worth taking a life for. Not religion, not any form of ideology.

I understand that the world is complicated, that there are different people, with different beliefs and different lifestyles. What I do not get is why do we hate on those who do not share the same perspective? Why are we ready to kill for ideologies that will eventually change and disappear? Why can’t we all just be human beings and not divide ourselves with imaginary lines?

So many questions.

Why do we need to kill at all?

Why can’t the leaders remain at peace and talk to each other rather than declare wars and murder thousands of innocents?

Why do we fight between ourselves, our only family?

Why can’t we just be happy as we we are, and not judge, not condemn those who differ from us?

Why can’t it be as simple as it seems?

I am just a child in these matters. There may be answers to the questions I posed, but they are ones I do not understand. Why? Why? WHY?

I guess the world is not so nice after all.