last day

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trying to start uploading some of my photography here, would love some feedback!

love me enough to hurt

there’s always the question –
do i excite you?
do i make you feel things you have never felt before?
do i hold you?
do i kiss you?
do i go on coffee dates and movie nights with you?
do i make you ache inside?
do i make you feel broken when i am gone?
do i?
there’s always the question –
do i make you love me enough to hurt you?



new year wishes, and some things i want to do

So firstly, happy new year!

I know – its been so long since I wrote something other than poetry.

But here’s the thing – this new year has brought forth so many emotions and subconscious desires, that I feel I need this post – not just to clarify what I want and need inside my own cluttered head, but also clarify this to those around me.

We all tend to get into this ‘inspired mode’ right around the end of the year – and that is exactly what I am going through at this moment. I used to look down upon this – that this period of making resolutions never lasted, and it was just something that came and went. With this followed some other conclusions – that since this duration was only temporary, it didn’t matter and thus, making any ‘new year resolutions’ was a utter waste of time.

This past month, I had been thinking a lot about the transitory nature of our world and have realized that everything is temporary. Religion, spirituality, philosophy, the material world, even us as human beings (pretty obvious, that one, although we choose to ignore it as best as we can). This includes new year resolutions as well, clearly.

The question is – does this transitory nature of new year resolutions necessarily make this incredible flow of inspiration worthless?

Yes, the resolutions disappear within the week.

Yes, they have no long term effect on our lives (or maybe they do, if you really, really try).

But it makes me happy, helps me feel content with life, even if it is for a short time. And as I just said, everything is only going to last a short while, emotions included.

So for this year, for the past week – I have been making resolutions – a ton of them. It doesn’t matter if I can keep them or not. As of this moment – they make me happy, and nothing else matters.