between the lines 

on every page


between the words

that you said

i lost myself. 



you make me feel

like your fingers are peeling open my mind

turning it inside out

forcing my nails across a chalkboard

leaving white trails

a warning

a taste

of everything that is to come.





they were all so beautiful

in your hair

they reminded me of sunshine

and of green pastures

and i could only watch

as another

flooded it with fire.


your hands
are wrinkled
and tired
and calloused
more so with every touch
almost as if
your youth
was dissolving
into me
like a happy pill
in water
its own existence
while giving away
what little it had.


we are all a little conflicted
and our beauty lies
in this paradox
of love and hate,
of poetry and conversations
and the similarities
contained within the space of two words.


your glass eyes
make me hang on to every word
every mistake
like the shadows cling to the moon
during daytime
and vanish into oblivion.

It’s time for some fun!

So – here’s the thing.

My holidays just started a couple of days back. In celebration of the same, here are top ten things I love about holidays:


  1. The fact that exams are over – This needs no explanation, does it?
  2. The feeling of flying – Admit it, when you are back home, and there is absolutely no work, the amount of joy that comes with this freedom literally feels like you are on the clouds.
  3. Doing exactly what inspires you – Over the period of the year, there are several ideas that have built up in your head, but there is no time for execution. Well, now there is!
  4. Doing absolutely nothing – Enjoying the fact that you can choose to do absolutely nothing and simply sit and stare at the walls, if that’s what you wish.
  5. Lazy afternoons – This is my favourite part of vacations. Its cloudy outside, and the weather is pretty chilly. I am sitting curled up with a book, or a drawing, while my family is scattered around the house, each absorbed in either sleeping, reading or surfing the net. Ah! The simple pleasures of life!
  6. Family – When you meet your family after ages, the gushing happiness is often overwhelming. Moreover, this ‘overwhelming-ness’ strikes absolutely anytime, even if you are simply sitting with your loved ones drinking coffee and catching up with the latest gossip.
  7. Friends – You have a lot of time on hand to actually talk with your friends, or even meet them if they are living in your hometown, rather than the superficial ‘how are you’s and ‘everything is great’.
  8. Getting bored – This is very different from ‘doing nothing’. This activity in involuntary. After a couple of days of doing nothing, one tends to get bored and wish for some sort of excitement. In some sort of masochistic manner, I enjoy this ‘bored’ feeling too, because I know that once college starts again, there is going to be no time to get bored.
  9. Catching up on your favourite TV shows – Over the period of the exam, you have lost touch with what your characters are experiencing. Thus, holiday time is spent watching those episodes you missed, and often binge watching several seasons too!
  10. Starting afresh – The academic year is over, and its time to change for the better. Every one of us decides to begin a new hobby, or start exercising, or start eating healthy. Of course, by the end of the holidays, things are back to normal!

Happy Vacations to me! (And to you, if you have……them.)