sketchbook – 01 // nov-dec 2017

This was the sketchbook I was drawing in for the last few months. Here’s a tour of the same! Do watch and tell me what parts you liked, or any tips you think would help me make my sketchbook better!


check out the video here



its dark in here
but i don’t want the lights
i am happy in my cave
in my bitterness
i don’t want your halo
your pretense of a smile
to ruin the truth
of my existence.

inktober 11

Inktober_Artboard 11.png

inktober 10

Inktober_Artboard 10.png

inktober 07

spine'_Artboard 6 copy.png

inktober 06

inktober 05

6_Artboard 6.png